First Scientific Conference on
Medical Applications

14-15/3/2023, BAGHDAD, IRAQ

About The Conference

About The conference

The conference aims to provide an opportunity for researchers and graduate students to present their products in scientific and engineering applications in medicine, the use of modern technologies in medical diagnosis, and the participation and exchange of views and ideas in this field with the rest of the researchers from various Iraqi universities. The conference also aims to open research and academic cooperation and exchange experiences with researchers in participating colleges and universities.


Iraqi Journal of Science/University of Baghdad Journal of law and politics / The Iraqi University


02/01/2023 Deadline for receiving of abstracts 16/01/2023 Deadline for receiving full text 14/02/2023 Date of informing the researcher of acceptance or rejection presentation 14-15–Mar.-2023 conference day participation fees 0



Mahmood H. Shhatha Dean
Abdul Hameed M.Hammody Assistant Dean for Scientific affairs
R. A. Radhi Organizing Committee
Muna M. Abbas Scientific Committee
R A. Radhi Chair
Muna M. Abbas Co-Chair
Talib K. Hussain Finance Committee
Omar K.Jassim Member/university of Fallujah
Ahmad A. Hussain Member University of Fallujah
Khudhair J. Kazim Member
Mohammed Abbood Al-Maliky Member
Talib H. Mawat Member
Noor A. Cekab Member
Al-Zahraa S. Abdulwahid Member
Shams Dhyaa Karim Member
Muna M. Abbas Chair
Shafik S. Shafik Honorary Member (Al-Ayen University)
Jassim M. Thamer Honorary MemberPresident of Iraqi Medical Association
Mahdi H. Jasim Member
Kareem Saied Kenbar Member
Salman Z. Khalaf Member
Tareq Jafaar Aljindeel Member
Iyad Abbas Salman Honorary Member College of Medicine, University of Baghdad
Asia H. Al-Mashhadani Honorary Member College of Science, University of Baghdad
Fadhil I. Sharrad Honorary Member Al-Ayen University
Kadhim A. Aadim Honorary Member
Faisel Ghazi Mohammed Honorary Member
Ayad Khadem Zgair Honorary Member
Mutharar F. Al-Hilli Honorary Member
Haider Zuhair Ali Honorary Member
Jenan A. Ghafil Honorary Member
Omar K.JassIm Member/university of Fallujah
Jamal. A. Al Jabbar Attawi Member
Khudhair J. Kazim Member
Talib H. Mawat Member
Mohammed Abbood Al-Maliky Member
Shams Dhyaa Karim Member




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with the College of Medicine, University of Baghdad Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Baghdad Department of Medical Physics, College of Applied Science, University of Fallujah University of Al-Ayen Al Iraqia University Iraqi Medical Association

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